Our Story

The Indian way of life celebrates products made by craftspeople with a strong fabric of tradition, aesthetics and artistry. The range of Indian handicrafts is as rich and varied as the country’s cultural diversity. Handmade in India is the result of extensive fieldwork and research.

“FlawDesign” is the ability to embrace beautiful imperfections to the form due to inevitable challenges in handcrafted techniques. Our goal is to add understated elegance to every home and promote and encourage Indian handicraft heritage in our own unique way.

From our base in Mumbai, our endeavor is to bring customers a varied range of indigenously crafted products & handloom textiles blended with contemporary designs. We strive to offer an alternative to the mass-produced, while celebrating the imperfections of handicraft.

Driven by a passion for authenticity and originality, we create collections of home décor accessories such as cushions, dinner mats and table napkins to add a touch of uniqueness to your home and help create a space that feels comfortably you.

Welcome home.


About The Founder

Neha Ankush Bhandari

FlawDesign is founded by Neha Ankush Bhandari – a Bachelor in Fashion Designing from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune. She was awarded the Chancellors Gold medal for B. Des program (2007-2011) by Smt. Pratibha Devishingh Patil, the then President of India. During the initial phases of her career, she worked with reputed Indian designers such as Krishna Mehta and Priyadarshini Rao. It was during these years that she deeply immersed herself in learning the intricacies and rich tradition of textiles and handicraft.

In 2014, Neha founded her own clothing label and eventually diversified into home textiles. While her illustrious career has been adorned with awards and accolades, Neha’s true identity are her designs. They’re not just random patterns, but a reflection of her thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and personality.


Crafting With Care – Our Approach To Product Design

The Idea

Our product lines draw inspiration from various facets of life, ranging from contemporary designs to retro looks in other cases.

The Blueprint

For each product line, our team spends countless hours to get the blueprint right, ensuring that the smallest curve, line or stitch is designed thoughtfully.


The last step of our process is executing our vision, crafting every single piece to adhere to the highest quality standards and aesthetic appeal.